Endorsement from the CCEA

Members of the Carlisle Community Education Association interviewed candidates and selected one from each district to support in the upcoming school board election. They issued the following statement:

"We want to thank Cody again for volunteering his time to run for a volunteer position that is vital to the success of the Carlisle Community Schools. We also appreciate his willingness to take the time to visit with us.

We love his passion and exuberance for the success of the school system. We believe he has done a great deal of research and will bring new ideas to the school board.

For these reasons, we have decided to choose Cody as the Carlisle Community Education Association's recommended candidate."

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Endorsement from state rep. scott ourth

Rep. Ourth has served in the Iowa House of Representatives since 2013. He's worked tirelessly on behalf of the Iowans he represents and has continually fought for more education funding, better schools, and the best possible future for young Iowans. He issued the following statement regarding the upcoming school board election:

"I am endorsing Cody Woodruff for Carlisle School Board.

I’ve known Cody for many years now, since he was a very young man and member of the State of Iowa Youth Advisory Council (SIYAC). When I first met him, he was a member of that fine youth organization, then moved on to become the leader of SIYAC, graduated from Carlisle High School as class president, and is now making an impact at Iowa State University as Vice Speaker of the Student Government Senate.

Since the beginning of my time in the Iowa General Assembly, Cody has consistently made it a practice to visit me and all the other legislators for the purpose of expressing his views about the state of public education in Iowa. For a young man, I’ve not only found him to be very well versed on the issues, but a person possessed of deep concern about public education funding, and necessary supports for our teachers, administration, and staff. What I have found most compelling is his thorough understanding of the needs of Iowa’s young people with regard to preparation for higher learning, vocation, and all the other things.

Over the years, I’ve gotten to know Cody very well. As I’ve watched him grow, the thing that impresses me most is his unremitting understanding that his life needs to be a stewardship of service to others. I know this young man is destined to do great things, to make a great and positive impact on our world – he has the intellect, the drive, and most importantly, the desire to do good things for his community.

I am happy to support him as he officially launches his career in public service. He is open, honest, and a willing listener. I encourage you to give him a call, for I know he is eager to talk to you about your ideas with regard to Carlisle’s Community Schools. Not only is he an idea man, but he understands that good ideas come from everyone. I think he’s the right man for the job.

I encourage you to vote for and elect Cody Woodruff to the Carlisle School Board. I promise you that you will not be disappointed.

If you wish to speak to me about my relationship with, and knowledge of, my friend Cody, please feel free to call me at 515-208-7281 or email me at: scott.ourth@legis.iowa.gov.

I’ve been waiting for young people of this caliber to enter public life for a long time now. Cody Woodruff will bring a refreshing and thoughtful presence, which is very much needed now, to the life of public education in the state of Iowa.

Go, Cody!!!

Thanks for listening,
Rep. Scott Ourth
House District 26"

Photo credit: Diane Woodruff Roscoe

Photo credit: Diane Woodruff Roscoe

Endorsement from Dr. Tom Lane

Dr. Tom Lane - former superintendent of the Carlisle Community School District, current legislative liaison for the Heartland AEA, and longtime advocate for public schools - issued the following statement regarding the upcoming school board election:

"Intelligent, organized, motivated, and respectful. If asked to describe Cody Woodruff these are the words I would choose. I’ve seen first hand Cody’s passion for educational issues and his willingness to take a stand in support of his positions. We've partnered several times at the Capitol in working to promote legislation supporting public education.

His desire to serve on the Carlisle school board comes as no surprise. He’s at a young age determined his life will be based on service. He listens to other’s ideas, does the research to determine the best course, and then actively works to reach desired outcomes. He’ll bring a youthful voice and unmatched dedication to his service.

Cody has my full endorsement as he seeks a seat on the Carlisle school board of education. Please give his candidacy strong consideration as you cast your vote."

Endorsement from Bill Fink

Bill Fink, former Iowa State Senator and longtime Carlisle High School teacher and debate coach, issued the following statement regarding the upcoming school board election:

"I am very proud that Cody is running for the Carlisle School Board. As a student of mine, he was a sincere and respectful student. With that said, Cody has always been interested in the political process and has demonstrated it not just in words, but in actions. Cody has been immersed in student government at CHS and ISU. In addition, he has been very involved in several political campaigns. His goal in running for the school board is to improve the education of every student possible that attends the Carlisle Community Schools. He will bring a unique and fresh perspective to the Board with the maturity of someone twice his age! I hope you will vote for this very qualified young man!"

Photo credit: Craig Stoever

Photo credit: Craig Stoever

endorsement from t.j. foley

T.J. Foley is a former Chair of SIYAC, one of Iowa's top young leaders, and a rising star in state politics. He's a recent graduate of Valley High School and is headed to Harvard in the fall. He released the following statement of support for Cody Woodruff's candidacy for school board:

"I met Cody Woodruff as a sophomore in high school, freshly appointed to the State of Iowa Youth Advisory Council, a youth lobbying organization specializing in health, education, and human rights issues. I was at my first meeting, lost in a sea of people far smarter and better connected than I was. Cody was the leader of the only Iowa Code sanctioned youth advocacy group in the state. He could have sat back and let me figure it all out on my own—but he didn’t. He came over, introduced himself, and started answering every question I could throw at him. Through this encounter I discovered that Cody, at his core, is two things: a teacher and a public servant. I saw these characteristics emerge again and again during the time that we worked together, fighting for a student’s right to world class education. Cody was on the front lines on a host of education issues, and he’ll be on the front lines each and every day for Carlisle students."